Saturday, August 14, 2010

the week gone by

Its been a wonderful experience to actually study a course and in an institution that you always dreamt about since childhood. My first week in MCRC was more of  getting to know one another( classmates) and sharing about oneself and one's dream. Nevertheless, the first week was equally exhausting and enthralling! And at times I had to jostle between the two. I realized that the teachers are very sincere towards their subject and would make the students work really hard throughout the year. I suppose these two years would be a very crucial in shaping my goal and actually getting to know what really I want to do, what I am good at, and in what areas I need to work harder.

My first class was that of software. We learnt about photoshop and quark express. I found that the teachers were very co-operative. Though it took me much time to assimilate and remember the instructions but I enjoyed the class. Later next day, we had Sir Ramesh Menon's weekly seminar. The teacher inspired me a lot through his stories and  rich experiences. That day I took back home, many learnings and ideas that keep reverberating and help me to retrospect. The radio class, the online journlism class, the tv journalism class, were some of the subjects that were completely new and interesting to me and I am looking forward to learn more of it.

The lush green campus, the serene atmosphere and  appetizing canteen food would now go hand in hand with my learning. Aaah! and how can one forget the ac classrooms,( note: I was down with fever the next week!) that run a shiver down the spine! and no sooner you realise that the real journalism lies beyond the classroom!
There are many things to learn , many things to unlearn.

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  1. .. reading this when your 2nd n final session is about to begin.. bouts of nostalgia sets in as i recall the stories you used to tell of your first days at C.Journalism M.C.R.C

    Keep writing.. Would love to read more.. :)